3D printing ?


3D printing is an additive manufacturing method, which is to say that it involves the addition of material which was developed for rapid prototyping. Additive manufacturing is a method which lets you transform a 3D file into a physical object layer by layer. Such an object can be made from plastics, resins, metals, wood, even paper etc…

The development of a 3D file is a pre-requisite for all kinds of 3D printing. This file provides the printer with the information on the locations where the material needs to be added. 3D printing allows for a more direct relationship between design and production, as the yield is quite fast and it allows for validation (or an absence thereof) of the constraints, an aesthetic aspect, a size, …

Additive manufacturing procedure

"Axis, professional 3D printing specialist"


To be able to use this method, it is necessary to have a 3D file obtained using CAD with the help of 3D modelling software. This file will be transmitted to the machine which will create the requested prototype layer by layer.

3D printing


This it the method used for the creation of prototypes / models in our company, in particular together with stereolithography, powder Sintering and (now) Multi Jet fusion.

The 3D printer uses the information of the 3D printer to create very thin layers of material. Once all the successive layers have been created, the Additive Manufacturing method will be considered finished.


3D printing involves a 3D printer which may be more or less technologically advanced (classic, tripod, multi-material…), but which is very different from the machines that we have. Additionally, the purposes of these objects created with a 3D printer are very different, and their technology is very distinct.

The 3D printer produces prototypes stratum by stratum, by depositing wire on a tray.

With stereolithography, the prototype is to be produced in a resin tray, which will allow for the development of these strata; in the case of powder Sintering, a tray of polyamide powder is required, so that the particles can polymerise with each other.

Our technologies are often equated with 3D printing, because this is the kind of production we are most familiar with, and the term resonates with the statement “we mass-print your ideas”.


However, 3D printing is a method used with all kinds of materials, and it is not used only in the domain of rapid prototyping. There exists 3D printing with wax, metals and alloys, glass, wool, food, polyamide powder, ceramic, concrete, alumina etc.

3D printing is a new method for manufacturing all kinds of objects.


Piece created with 3D printing


Our company, Axis, specialises in the manufacture of prototypes and models.

We employ adapted, specific technologies in the creation of an output which meets your needs as closely as possible, in aesthetic and dimensional terms as well as technical ones.


Prototype created by our Company, AXIS

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