Axis creates a computer mouse with additive manufacturing technologies

Axis makes a computer mouse in 3D printing

Axis, a specialist in rapid prototyping, made this computer mouse prototype using several additive manufacturing technologies including Stereolithography, Selective laser sintering and Vacuum casting.

Here is one of the latest achievements: the functional computer mouse with a minimum of finishing.

Stereolithography was used by Axis to manufacture the hood of this prototype.

This is a 3D printing process that uses different resins according to the use of 3D parts. The XTREME resin was chosen here for its light gray color with a sandblasted finish on the central part of the prototype and a soft touch finish on the sides as well as on the wheel.

The selective laser sintering made it possible to build the prototype base using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology.

This type of sintering initially gives parts of anthracite gray color, Axis therefore decided to color the base and the hatch of the computer mouse in black to create a visual harmony.

The vacuum casting process has produced elastomer pads which provide to the prototype an improved comfort without altering its functionality.

We have already installed an electronic circuit with the necessary components for the operation: the electronic circuit, the battery and the USB key for the connection. Little more: the USB key can be stored near the battery for a compact set.

Why work with Axis for the production of your rapid prototyping ?

Axis uses many additive manufacturing technologies to materialize your ideas and 3D printing projects. This prototype was created as part of the 7th international 3D printing competition in Singapore and also to be presented at the 3D Print 2019 show in Lyon.

If you want to realize some of your 3D printing projects the company Axis is able to create a prototype in the shortest possible time.