Axis continues 3D printing during the summer

For more than 20 years, Axis has been a specialist in the production of prototypes via several additive manufacturing techniques. Stereolithography, powder sintering, vacuum casting … This summer the company stay open to help you realize all your 3D printing projects.

During the summer period, part of the Axis team is at your service for any request for rapid prototyping even if the company is reduced in number. If you want to make your 3D printing projects a reality, do not hesitate to send your files in the following formats: .step, .stl, .CatPart and .iges.

Stereolithography is a process of photopolymerizing resin by superimposing layers to recreate your 3D files as close as possible.

Several additive manufacturing materials of this type can be used depending on the properties you want to give to your prototype. For example, the Next resin makes it possible to obtain smooth parts with a good resolution whereas the Taurus resin makes it possible to produce solid parts but while retaining a part of flexibility.

Selective laser sintering uses not the resin but the powder that will be polymerized by a laser to harden the prototype launched in production.

This principle of 3D printing produces generally more resistant parts but whose aesthetic appearance remains very different by its relatively porous appearance due to the succession of layers of powders that constitute the prototype. Axis owns the P615 powder, which is loaded with glass and which makes it possible to make resistant parts that withstand stronger thermal conditions.

Vacuum casting consists of creating a first stereo part that serves as a master model for producing a silicone mold in which polyurethane parts will be cast.

This technique is often favored for prototype production in small series depending on the life of the silicone mold produced or for the production of parts with variable hardness.

Axis is also used to offering many finishes in its rapid prototyping process. This can range from a simple sanding to a flawless metallization according to the 3D printing process used.

If you want to realize some of your 3D printing projects the company Axis is able to create a prototype in the shortest possible time.