MULTI JET FUSION: The Jet Fusion 3D Printer at Axis

We have just introduced the latest novelty in the domain of 3D printing to our facilities: including extreme, fine dimensional precision, small series production, speed of production and cooling...
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VIDEOS: Explanation of the Multi Jet Fusion technology

Innovative technology for rapid prototyping: prototypes are made with a collection of agents deposited on a powder base, after which they are subjected to an increased temperature up to the point of the fusion of the material ; the material will then be ventilated.
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VIDEO: Explanation of the Jet Metal Metallisation technology with Axis

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Prototypes are created with the polymerisation of an epoxy resin which is photosensitive to UV lasers, in layers of 0.10 to 0.15 mm.
SLA 3D Printing


In the creation of prototypes using this method, polyamide particles are agglomerated using a CO2 laser. The model is made using successive 0.10 mm layers. The material can be loaded with fibreglass (PA GF) or be made of Polypropylene (PP).
SLS 3D Printing


Prototypes made using this technology originate from the creation of a silicone mold which is the output of a sterelithography-created master model. The impression of the tooling is then filled with polyurethane resin, using a specific vacuum casting machine.
PU 3D Printing
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The functional computer mouse printed in 3D

Here is one of the latest achievements: the functional computer mouse with a minimum of finishing. This is a stereolithographic cover with Xtreme resin (light gray) only sandblasted and with a “soft touch” finish on the sides and the wheel for ergonomics, the base itself is in Multi Jet Fusion HP colored in black. We […]

The summer holidays of 3D printing

The sunny days are coming and the holidays are coming! That’s why we announce that we will be at your disposal all summer to print your prototypes and models. We do not close our doors, the workforce will be reduced! So do not hesitate to consult us if need our stereolithography machines, Sintering powder, Multi […]

Sponsored by Axis

Matteo Fel-Astorg young cantalien kartman and Axis

We are happy to encourage the young 15-year-old pilot Matteo Fel-Astorg. In recent weeks, Mattéo has entered the thick of things, with already promising first results at the regional level. The 15-year-old Kartman, who lives in Aurillac in Cantal, is playing his fifth karting season. Engaged in the difficult and raised Senior category, he just […]

24h of Le Mans 2019

Car 23 team Panis Barthez is sponsored by Axis at 24h of Le Mans. Remember to encourage this team on June 15th and 16th.

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